Does WSU Have a Band?

Wichita State University (WSU), nestled in the vibrant city of Wichita, Kansas, stands as a beacon of academic excellence in the heart of the Midwest. With a sprawling 330-acre campus boasting stunning views of downtown Wichita, WSU sets the stage for an exceptional college experience. As a cultural hub, WSU goes beyond it’s illustrious academic programs to provide a rich musical landscape for students. For those with a passion for music, WSU proudly offers two outstanding concert bands: the esteemed Wind Ensemble and the captivating Symphonic Band. These ensembles welcome both undergraduate and graduate students from diverse music and non-music backgrounds, fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment for all. At WSU, music transcends boundaries, allowing students to explore their artistic talents while immersing themselves in a community of like-minded individuals. Whether you're a seasoned musician or simply have a love for melodies, WSU invites you to join it’s esteemed bands and experience the transformative power of music firsthand. Come and witness the harmony that resonates through the WSU campus – a testament to the university's commitment to providing a well-rounded education that embraces the arts.

Does Washington State Have a Marching Band?

Washington State University (WSU) is proud to be home to the official Washington State University Cougar Marching Band. As one of the premier marching bands in the Pacific Northwest, the Cougar Marching Band has a long-standing tradition of excellence and school spirit. Made up of talented and dedicated students, the band is a beloved symbol of pride for the university and it’s community.

The band plays at all home football games, creating a vibrant atmosphere and rallying the crowd with their powerful music and impressive formations. Their passionate performances and proud display of school colors showcase the strong connection between music and athletic events.

The band’s iconic presence on the field, combined with it’s precision drills and lively choreography, adds a unique element to game day experiences.

In addition to performing at football games, the Cougar Marching Band regularly participates in parades, concerts, and other special events. The band has also had the privilege of performing at prestigious events such as bowl games, marching band festivals, and even the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Membership in the Cougar Marching Band is open to all WSU students, regardless of major. Band members have the opportunity to build lifelong friendships, develop their musical abilities, and contribute to the vibrant spirit of the university community. The band provides a supportive and inclusive environment where students can grow both as musicians and as individuals.

Through their spirited performances and unwavering dedication, the band members continuously inspire school spirit and elevate the game day experience for all.

The University of Washington Husky Marching Band, also known as the Husky Band or HMB, is an impressive ensemble consisting of 240 members. Not only is it recognized for it’s size, but it also stands out as one of the few bands outside the Big Ten Conference that employs the traditional chair step style of marching.

How Big Is the University of Washington Marching Band?

The University of Washington Husky Marching Band (Husky Band, or HMB) is a prominent and esteemed musical ensemble that represents the University of Washington. With a whopping 240 members, this marching band boasts an impressive size and has established itself as a significant part of the universitys culture. The HMB stands out amongst other bands, as it’s one of the few outside the Big Ten Conference to employ the traditional chair step style of marching.

The vast number of members in the HMB allows for a harmonious blend of sound and an electrifying presence during performances. Each member contributes to the powerful and dynamic presence that the band is known for. The sheer magnitude of this group enables them to captivate audiences with their immense sound.

The Husky Band plays an integral role in supporting and energizing the University of Washingtons athletic events, particularly the football games. Their performances during halftime, as well as their spirited cheers and chants, contribute to the electrifying atmosphere that surrounds these events. The bands presence adds a sense of tradition and pride to the universitys athletic culture.

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The University of Wisconsin Marching Band boasts an impressive ensemble of approximately 300 members, making it one of the largest collegiate marching bands in the country. These talented individuals are organized into 26 distinct ranks, each contributing their unique skills and passion to create a harmonious and electrifying performance.

How Many Students Are in the UW Marching Band?

The University of Wisconsin Marching Band, an iconic and vibrant part of the universitys culture, comprises approximately 300 talented individuals who bring their passion for music and spirit to every performance. Recognized as one of the largest collegiate marching bands in the United States, this enormous ensemble is divided into 26 distinct ranks, each contributing to the bands dynamic and powerful sound.

With it’s rich history dating back to 1885, the UW Marching Band has evolved into a diverse and inclusive community of students with a shared love for music. Members of the band come from various academic disciplines, showcasing the bands commitment to representing the universitys diverse student body. From engineering to humanities, these musicians bring their unique talents and perspectives together to create a harmonious and melodic experience for all who witness their performances.

The bands ranks are carefully organized to ensure precision and coordination during their energetic and synchronized movements. Each rank consists of a specific number of musicians who specialize in specific instruments. These ranks work closely to perfect intricate formations, thrilling crowds with their stunning performances during home football games, parades, and other university events.

As an integral part of the Badger spirit, the UW Marching Band captivates it’s audience with it’s infectious energy and unwavering dedication. It’s powerful performances continue to leave a lasting impression on both the university community and countless fans across the nation. From the thunderous roar of the drumline to the soaring melodies of the brass section, the bands commitment to excellence and entertainment remains an enduring tradition at the University of Wisconsin.


In conclusion, Wichita State University does indeed have a band program, offering a variety of opportunities for both music and non-music majors. The Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band provide a platform for students to showcase their talents and passion for music. Whether you're considering joining the band or simply visiting the campus, Wichita State University is sure to provide an enriching and memorable experience.

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