When Did Carnevale Start? Unveiling the Origins of the Festive Celebration

The origins of the Venice Carnival can be traced back to the year 1162, a time of celebration and triumph for the Venice Republic. After emerging victorious over their archenemy, the Patriarch of Aquileia, the citizens of Venice came together in the famous Saint Mark's Square, or San Marco, to revel in their success. What began as a modest gathering soon evolved into a grand tradition, as year after year, the carnival grew in extravagance and splendor. Today, the Venice Carnival is renowned worldwide for it’s elaborate costumes and mesmerizing masks, captivating visitors from all corners of the globe. As the festival kicks off each year on Shrove Tuesday, or Martedì Grasso, marking the final day of merrymaking before the solemnity of Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, the vibrant streets of Venice come alive with music, dance, and endless festivities. Steeped in history and steeped in tradition, the Carnival of Venice remains a timeless testament to the spirit and creativity of the Venetian people, enchanting all who’ve the fortune to experience it’s magic firsthand.

What Date Is Carnevale in Italy?

Carnevale, also known as Carnival, is a vibrant and extravagant festival celebrated throughout Italy. This lively event showcases a fusion of tradition, culture, and revelry. While the official date of Carnevale is on Fat Tuesday, which falls on February 25 in 2020, the festivities extend to the weekend prior, often reaching even greater heights of merriment.

The enchantment of Carnevale enchants both locals and tourists alike, as streets are transformed into a spectacular parade of vivid colors, elaborate costumes, and mesmerizing masks. From bustling cities to quaint villages, Italy showcases a variety of Carnevale traditions and customs, each with it’s distinct charm.

Looking ahead, future Carnevale dates provide a glimpse into the forthcoming jubilation. These dates mark the culmination of a season filled with excitement, laughter, and revelry, showcasing Italys enduring love for indulgence and celebration.

It’s during this time that Italians and international visitors come together to immerse themselves in the enchanting atmosphere that defines Carnevale. Elaborately designed masks and costumes adorn the streets, as parades, concerts, and performances take center stage. Laughter fills the air as people partake in traditional games, indulge in delectable sweets like fried dough and fritters, and dance joyfully to lively music.

The tradition of Carnevale has deep historical roots, dating back centuries. Originating as a religious festival, it evolved into a time of release and indulgence before the solemn season of Lent. Today, Carnevale continues to captivate the hearts and minds of people from all walks of life, symbolizing a celebration of lifes joys and the spirit of community.

Whether in the timeless city of Venice, renowned for it’s grand masquerade balls, or in countless other Italian towns and cities, Carnevale is an opportunity for all to join in the festivities, to don a mask and embrace the spirit of fantasy and freedom.

How to Participate in Carnevale as a Tourist or Visitor

  • Research the dates and location of the Carnevale celebration you want to attend.
  • Make travel arrangements, including booking flights and accommodation.
  • Pack festive costumes and masks to fully immerse yourself in the Carnevale atmosphere.
  • Attend parades and processions to witness the vibrant floats and costumes.
  • Engage in traditional activities such as mask-making workshops or culinary tours.
  • Explore the local cuisine and indulge in traditional Carnevale delicacies.
  • Take part in masquerade balls and dance the night away with locals and fellow visitors.
  • Capture memorable moments by taking plenty of photos and videos throughout your experience.
  • Observe and respect local customs and traditions surrounding Carnevale celebrations.
  • Embrace the festive spirit and let yourself be swept away by the joyous ambiance of Carnevale.


In conclusion, the Carnival of Venice, also known as Carnevale di Venezia, is an annual festival held in Venice, Italy. It began in 1162 as a celebration of the Venice Republic's triumph over it’s adversary, the Patriarch of Aquileia. The festival, which is renowned worldwide for it’s opulent costumes and masks, concludes on Shrove Tuesday, marking the eve of the beginning of Lent on Ash Wednesday. Over the centuries, the Carnival of Venice has become a cherished tradition, where people gather in the streets of Venice, particularly in the iconic Saint Mark's Square, to dance, revel, and commemorate the historic victory.

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