What Are the Tier Levels on Carnival Cruise? | All You Need to Know

Carnival Cruise Line, one of the world's most renowned cruise providers, presents an enticing loyalty program that appeals to the hearts of enthusiastic travelers. With a tiered system designed to reward guests for their continued patronage, Carnival's loyalty program offers an array of enticing benefits to those who ascend the ladder. Starting with the Blue tier, bestowed upon guests embarking on their maiden voyage, individuals have the opportunity to progress through subsequent levels, including Red, Gold, Platinum, and the esteemed Diamond status. Each tier offers a unique set of privileges, ensuring that loyal passengers are duly acknowledged and rewarded for their unwavering dedication. From exclusive onboard perks to priority services and amenities, Carnival's tier levels encapsulate the essence of luxury and premium travel, making each cruise an even more unforgettable experience for it’s devoted guests.

What Are the Different Levels on a Cruise Ship?

Each level serves a different purpose and offers unique experiences for passengers. The upper decks of a cruise ship usually house luxurious amenities such as swimming pools, spa facilities, and specialty restaurants. These decks are designed to provide passengers with breathtaking views of the surrounding ocean and are often equipped with spacious sun decks for relaxation and sunbathing.

Moving down to the middle decks, passengers can find a wide range of entertainment options. These levels are usually bustling with activity, featuring theaters for live shows, lounges for evening entertainment, and bars and nightclubs for socializing. Middle decks also tend to house shopping centers, offering passengers a chance to browse through duty-free shops and boutiques for souvenirs or luxury items.

Carnival Panorama, Carnival Cruise Line’s largest ship, is an impressive vessel weighing in at 133,868 gross tons. However, it faces close competition from other Carnival ships, such as Carnival Vista and Carnival Horizon, which aren’t far behind in size and length. Additionally, Carnival Panorama has an impressive capacity of 4,008 passengers, making it an impressive choice for those looking for a memorable cruise experience.

What Is Carnival’s Biggest Cruise Ship?

Carnival Panorama offers an unparalleled cruising experience with it’s state-of-the-art amenities and spacious accommodations. It’s the epitome of luxury and entertainment on the high seas. With a capacity of 4,008 passengers, Carnival Panorama ensures that there’s always something for everyone onboard.

The ship boasts an array of dining options to cater to all tastes, from casual buffets and specialty restaurants to gourmet eateries. Guests can indulge in a variety of cuisines, including Italian, sushi, seafood, and steak. With so many options to choose from, passengers can savor new flavors and culinary delights every day of their cruise.

Thrill-seekers will be delighted by the onboard water park, complete with thrilling slides and splash zones. Those seeking relaxation can unwind in the spa, indulge in a luxurious massage, or soak up the sun by one of the many pools. Additionally, there are numerous bars, lounges, and nightclubs where guests can enjoy live music, dancing, and incredible performances.

Carnival Cruise Line offers a diverse fleet of ships, with a total of 27 ships currently and an additional ship set to join the fleet by the end of 2020. These ships can be grouped into eight distinct classes, each featuring a unique design and style.

How Many Classes Does Carnival Have?

Carnival Cruise Line, one of the most popular cruise lines in the world, boasts a fleet comprised of 27 ships, with plans to add another ship to their fleet by the end of 20These ships are divided into eight distinct classes, each characterized by a unique and innovative design. A ship class refers to a group of ships that share similar features and specifications, setting them apart from other ships in terms of design.

Among Carnivals fleet, their ship classes include the Fantasy Class, Triumph Class, Spirit Class, Conquest Class, Splendor Class, Dream Class, Vista Class, and the upcoming Excel Class. Each class of ships offers a different experience and caters to a diverse range of preferences and interests. From the more intimate and cozy atmosphere of the Fantasy Class to the expansive and luxurious amenities of the Vista Class, Carnival has designed it’s ships to ensure that every passenger finds their ideal cruise experience.

Overview of Each Carnival Ship Class: Provide a Detailed Description of Each Ship Class, Highlighting Their Distinguishing Features and Specifications.

  • Fun Ship Class: The Fun Ship Class is known for it’s vibrant atmosphere and exciting onboard activities. These ships feature a wide range of entertainment options, including water parks, casinos, and live shows. With a focus on fun and relaxation, passengers can enjoy multiple dining options, spacious staterooms, and various onboard amenities.
  • Vista Class: The Vista Class offers a modern and innovative cruising experience. These ships boast expansive outdoor spaces, including the popular Havana Bar and Pool, perfect for sunbathing and enjoying panoramic views. The Vista Class also introduces the SkyRide, a suspended cycling experience high above the ship’s deck. Guests can indulge in diverse dining venues, luxurious accommodations, and an array of entertainment options.
  • Spirit Class: The Spirit Class ships provide a more intimate and refined cruising experience. With a lower passenger capacity, these vessels offer a serene atmosphere and personalized service. Passengers can savor delicious cuisine at specialty restaurants, relax in elegant lounges, and enjoy world-class entertainment. The Spirit Class also features expansive spa facilities, ideal for those seeking ultimate relaxation.
  • Conquest Class: The Conquest Class ships are designed for those who desire both excitement and relaxation. These vessels offer a perfect balance of thrilling activities, such as waterslides and clubs, and tranquil retreats, including adult-only sundecks and spas. Guests can indulge in a variety of dining options, from casual eateries to elegant restaurants, and enjoy top-notch entertainment throughout their voyage.
  • Dream Class: The Dream Class provides an unforgettable vacation experience for passengers of all ages. These ships offer spacious staterooms, family-friendly accommodations, and an assortment of thrilling activities. Featuring expansive WaterWorks parks, mini-golf courses, and theaters hosting Broadway-style shows, the Dream Class ensures non-stop fun and entertainment for everyone onboard.

The Carnival Dream is a cruise ship operated by Carnival Cruise Line and is the lead ship of her class. With a total of 1823 staterooms, the ship can accommodate a maximum capacity of 3646 passengers. The ship has 14 passenger decks, 22 lounges and bars, 3 swimming pools, 9 outdoor Jacuzzis, and 18 elevators.

How Many Levels Does the Carnival Cruise Ship Have?

The Carnival Dream cruise ship is an impressive vessel with numerous levels and amenities. It’s part of the Carnival Cruise Lines fleet and serves as the lead ship for it’s class. Alongside other notable ships like the Carnival Magic, Carnival Breeze, and Costa Diadema, the Dream stands out for it’s grandeur and offerings.

One key feature of the Carnival Dream is it’s deck plan, which showcases a remarkable total of 1823 staterooms. Staterooms, traditionally found in large European mansions, were designed to entertain royalty. In the case of this cruise ship, these staterooms are lavishly decorated and house the finest works of art.

To accommodate a large number of passengers, the Carnival Dream has a capacity of 3646 guests, with a maximum capacity of 455In order to cater to these passengers, the ship boasts 14 passenger decks, with 9 decks featuring cabins. These decks also house 22 lounges and bars, providing ample opportunities for socializing and relaxation.

The Carnival Dream offers multiple opportunities for swimming and soaking up the sun. With 3 swimming pools, including one with a retractable roof, guests can enjoy a refreshing dip in various settings. Additionally, the ship features 9 outdoor Jacuzzis, 6 of which are cantilevered, offering stunning views as guests unwind.

Accessibility is also key on the Carnival Dream, as it’s equipped with 18 elevators to aid guests in reaching their desired destinations throughout the ship. This ensures ease of movement and convenience for passengers as they navigate from one level to another.

It’s a testament to the grandeur and luxury characteristic of Carnival Cruise Lines ships.

Amenities and Activities Available on the Carnival Dream Cruise Ship

The Carnival Dream cruise ship offers a variety of amenities and activities for passengers to enjoy during their journey. These include dining options, such as specialty restaurants and casual buffets, where guests can indulge in a wide range of cuisines. The ship also features several bars and lounges, providing a vibrant nightlife experience with live music and entertainment. For those seeking relaxation, there are multiple pools, hot tubs, and a luxurious spa offering a range of treatments. Additionally, passengers can participate in various activities such as sports, fitness classes, and even an onboard water park. There are also options for shopping, gaming, and attending shows and performances throughout the cruise.

Blue: Cruise Rookies. Bronze: 2-24 cruise points. Silver: 25-74 cruise points. Gold: 75-199 cruise points. Platinum: 200+ cruise points.

How Many Levels Does Carnival Cruise Have?

Blue: Cruise Rookies. This is the entry level in the VIFP Club, designed for those who’re new to cruising with Carnival. As a Blue member, you enjoy a range of basic benefits, such as priority boarding and access to exclusive events onboard. It’s the perfect starting point for anyone looking to explore the world of cruising with Carnival.

Red: Cruise Enthusiasts. Once youve completed your first Carnival cruise, you become a Red member. At this level, you start to unlock additional perks, including a complimentary reusable tote bag and priority tendering, which allows you to disembark the ship faster when visiting ports of call. Red members also receive a special VIFP pin to proudly display their loyalty.

Gold: Cruise Veterans. Upon taking your fifth Carnival cruise, youll be elevated to the Gold level. Along with all the benefits of being a Red member, Gold members receive a complimentary beverage at the casino bar, a complimentary bathrobe to enjoy during their cruise, and a 25% discount on all dry cleaning and laundry services. Gold members also gain access to the VIFP Milestone program, which rewards them with unique gifts and experiences as they continue to cruise with Carnival.

Platinum: Cruise Admirals. Once youve completed 75 days at sea with Carnival, you reach the prestigious Platinum level. Platinum members enjoy a plethora of exclusive benefits, including priority check-in, a complimentary meal at a specialty restaurant, and an invitation to the Captains Celebration. Additionally, Platinum members receive a 15% discount on all spa treatments and a personalized stationary set to keep in touch with loved ones back home.

Diamond: Cruise Elites. The Diamond level is the pinnacle of the VIFP Club and is reserved for Carnivals most loyal and dedicated cruisers. To achieve Diamond status, you must have sailed 200 days with Carnival. Diamond members receive an array of extraordinary benefits, such as priority access to dining reservations, a complimentary 2-liter bottle of water with every casino drink purchase, and a free three-day cabin pre-cruise stay. They also gain access to the coveted Diamond Lounge, an exclusive space where they can relax and socialize with fellow Diamond members.

Carnival Cruises VIFP Club rewards it’s passengers based on their cruise history and loyalty. As you progress through the levels, you unlock an array of exciting advantages and perks that enhance your overall cruising experience.

Benefits and Perks of Each Level in the VIFP Club

  • Exclusive offers and promotions
  • Priority boarding
  • Complimentary cabin upgrades
  • Invitations to special events
  • Onboard discounts
  • Prioritized dining reservations
  • Discounts on spa services
  • Free laundry services
  • Personalized gifts and amenities
  • Access to exclusive lounges
  • Complimentary internet access
  • Premium beverage packages
  • Private shore excursions
  • Dedicated concierge service
  • Priority tender service

Source: VIFP Club – Carnival’s Recognition Program


Carnival Cruise offers it’s passengers a tier-based loyalty program that rewards frequent cruisers with a range of benefits and perks. Starting with the Blue tier, which is the introductory level, passengers can progress to the Red tier after their second sailing, earning up to 24 points. As passengers accrue more points, they move up to the Gold tier (25 to 74 points), Platinum tier (75 to 199 points), and the esteemed Diamond tier, which requires 200 or more points. Each tier unlocks new privileges such as priority check-in, exclusive offers, onboard discounts, and access to dedicated lounges.

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