Is Sitting in the Mezzanine Worth It? Exploring the Pros and Cons

The contemplation of attending a theater production often leads to the consideration of seating options, and among them, the mention of the word "balcony" seems to conjure notions of distant and lofty heights. However, there exists a more comforting term that patrons find less intimidating – the alluring "mezzanine." As potential ticket buyers weigh their choices, it becomes evident that front mezzanine seats hold a certain allure, rivaling that of orchestra seats and occasionally surpassing them, depending on the performance. Particularly for shows that boast a visual spectacle or intricate choreography, the mezzanine offers an advantageous perspective that can rival or even exceed the experience enjoyed from the orchestra section.

Are Mezzanine Broadway Seats Good?

Choosing mezzanine Broadway seats can be a great option for theatergoers seeking a different perspective of the production. In particular, rows A to C of the Center Mezzanine are highly recommended for those looking for an excellent viewing experience. These seats offer a direct overhead view of the stage, allowing patrons to fully appreciate the grandeur of the musical. Unlike some other sections, where you may have to strain your neck or constantly look up, these seats provide a comfortable and unhindered view.

Not only do the rows A to C of the Center Mezzanine offer a prime viewing angle, but they also allow you to take in the entire spectacle without missing any details. From this vantage point, you can catch all the action happening on stage without having to strain your eyes or constantly move your head. It’s a truly immersive experience that enhances your enjoyment of the show.

For those looking for more affordable options, rows D and E of the mezzanine can be an excellent choice. They may not provide the same direct overhead view, but they still offer good sightlines to the stage. These seats can be a budget-friendly alternative while still providing a decent viewing experience. You can still soak in the energy and excitement of the performance from a slightly different perspective.

However, if budget is a concern, rows D and E can still provide a satisfactory experience without breaking the bank. Ultimately, whichever seat you choose, the magic of Broadway will undoubtedly shine through and transport you to a world of enchantment and delight.

In addition to offering unobstructed, sweeping views, the prime seats in rows A to C of the Left and Right Center Mezzanine also provide a more immersive and intimate theater experience. However, as you venture further to the sides, the views become less detailed and complete, with seats becoming more angled to the stage. Despite the slightly compromised view, the allure of the live performance keeps these mezzanine seats in high demand, resulting in their elevated price.

Why Are Mezzanine Seats More Expensive?

Mezzanine seats, particularly those found in rows A to C of the Left and Right Center Mezzanine, often come with a higher price tag compared to other sections in a theater. The reason behind this lies in the remarkable viewing experience they offer. These prime seats provide unobstructed and sweeping views that allow theatergoers to fully immerse themselves in the performance.

The optimal placement of these seats ensures that spectators can enjoy a detailed and complete perspective of the stage. With a more central position, the sightlines are exceptional, capturing every intricate detail of the actors, set designs, and choreography. This proximity to the stage provides a sense of intimacy and connection that enhances the overall theatrical experience.

As one moves further to the sides of the mezzanine, the views might become slightly compromised. The seats in these areas may be more angled towards the stage, limiting the breadth of the visual field. Consequently, the audiences ability to perceive certain elements of the performance, such as facial expressions or small stage movements, may be diminished.


In conclusion, it can be said that choosing to sit in the mezzanine can indeed be worth it. While the word "balcony" may give off a less desirable impression, the mezzanine offers a similar vantage point to the orchestra seats, and in some cases, it can even provide an enhanced viewing experience. Particularly for performances that involve impressive visuals or intricate choreography, opting for mezzanine seats can offer a better perspective and allow the audience to fully appreciate the grandeur of the show. So, next time you’re considering purchasing tickets for a theater performance, don't underestimate the mezzanine and the potential it holds for an unforgettable theatrical experience.

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