How to Link My Disney Experience Plans: A Step-by-Step Guide

As a Disney enthusiast, one of the most exciting aspects of planning a trip is being able to connect with fellow Guests and share the magic together. With the My Disney Experience app, you can now link your plans with friends and family to ensure a seamless and coordinated experience. Gone are the days of endless group texts and confusion – simply select the option to invite the Guest to connect, and they’ll receive an email request. Once accepted, you’re in complete control of what information and plans you choose to share. To easily share your plans, navigate to your “My Family & Friends” list, locate the name of the person you wish to connect with, and click “Update” next to their name. In just a few simple steps, you can enjoy the unparalleled joy of coordinating your Disney adventure with loved ones, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

How Do I See My Friends Plans on Disney App?

To see your friends plans on the Disney app, you can follow a simple process to ensure a seamless experience. Firstly, you’ll need to send them an invitation through the app, requesting access to their plans. Once they accept your invitation, the plans you’ve made for them will automatically be transferred to their Disney account. This allows both of you to view and co-manage the plans that you’ve made together.

These plans will be displayed clearly, providing you with a comprehensive overview of the various activities and events that you’ve scheduled. Whether it’s dining reservations, FastPass selections, or shows that you plan to attend together, all the information will be conveniently accessible in one place.

Additionally, the Disney app offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate and manage your plans. You can customize your schedule, make changes, or add new plans effortlessly. This ensures that you stay on track and have a smooth experience, while also allowing you to coordinate with your friends effectively.

You can chat, share updates, and make adjustments as needed. This feature is particularly helpful when unexpected changes or new opportunities arise during your visit to the park.

By utilizing the invitation feature, you can ensure that everyone is on the same page, keeping the excitement and organization levels high. With shared plans visible on the “My Plans” page, you can easily stay informed about the activities and events you’ve planned together, ensuring that you make the most of your magical experience at Disney.

Now, let’s explore the simple steps to link two Disney experiences seamlessly. To begin, grab your My Disney Experience app and locate the menu button, depicted by three vertical lines in the bottom right corner. Once you tap on it, a menu will emerge, prompting you to scroll down and choose the option “Link to Account.”

How Do I Link Two Disney Experiences?

Once you’ve opened the My Disney Experience app, navigate to the menu button located in the bottom right corner of the screen. This menu button is represented by three vertical lines. By clicking on this button, a drop-down menu will appear, unveiling a variety of options and features available to enhance your Disney experience.

Within this menu, scroll down until you come across the option that says “Link to Account.”. It may take a moment or two to find, but it’s typically located towards the middle or end of the menu selection. Once you’ve located and selected this option, a new window will pop up, providing you with the opportunity to establish a connection between different Disney experiences.

By linking two Disney experiences, you gain the ability to seamlessly integrate multiple aspects of your trip. This could include linking your hotel reservation with your park tickets, dining reservations, and FastPass selections. By doing so, you can easily access and manage all of these elements from a single platform, ensuring a more organized and convenient trip.

Furthermore, linking accounts allows you to share plans and information with other individuals, such as family or friends, who may be joining you on your Disney adventure. This fosters a collaborative and inclusive environment where everyone can contribute and stay informed about various aspects of the trip.

How to Link Your Disney Account With Other Family Members’ Accounts

To link your Disney account with other family members’ accounts, you can follow these simple steps. First, log in to your Disney account from a web browser. Then, navigate to the account settings or profile section. Look for an option like “Family & Friends” or “Manage Family Members.” Next, choose the option to add a family member or invite someone to join your family group. Provide the necessary details, such as email addresses or usernames, to send the invitation. The invited family members will receive an email or notification with instructions to accept the invitation and link their accounts to yours. Once they accept, you’ll be able to share certain features, like Disney+ subscriptions or theme park tickets, and enjoy the connected experience.

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In order to add someone to your Disney Experience, you’ll need to go through a few simple steps. First, log in to your Disney account and navigate to the My Family & Friends section. From there, you can choose to add a guest and select the method of adding them that works best for you.

How Do I Add Someone to My Disney Experience?

This could be either through their Disney Resort Hotel reservation, by entering their name and age manually, or by searching for their Disney Resort Hotel reservation or theme park ticket. After selecting the preferred method, you’ll need to provide the necessary information and click Continue. Once added, you can assign plans and share reservations with them.

To add someone to your Family and Friends list using their Disney Resort Hotel reservation, you’ll need their ten-digit reservation number and the last name associated with the reservation. Enter this information and click Continue to complete the process.

If you prefer to add someone manually, you can simply enter their name and age, and then click Continue. This method is useful if the person you want to add doesn’t have a Disney Resort Hotel reservation or a theme park ticket.

This allows you to coordinate your itineraries and make sure everyone has access to the same information. You can add and manage plans such as dining reservations, FastPass+ selections, and park tickets through My Disney Experience.

Adding someone to your My Disney Experience account is a convenient way to keep track of plans and reservations for a group or family trip. It ensures that everyone is on the same page and can access important information easily. So, whether you’re planning a magical trip to the Disney parks or staying at a Disney Resort Hotel, be sure to add your family and friends to My Disney Experience to enhance your overall experience and make the most out of your visit.

How to Share Photos and Memories With Added Family and Friends Through My Disney Experience

  • Open the My Disney Experience app or go to the My Disney Experience website
  • Sign in to your Disney account or create a new account if you don’t have one
  • Click on the “My Photos” or “Photos and Videos” tab
  • Select the photos or memories you want to share
  • Click on the “Share” button or icon
  • Choose the option to share with family and friends
  • Add the email addresses or usernames of the individuals you want to share with
  • Adjust the sharing settings if desired (e.g., allow downloading or commenting on the photos)
  • Click on the “Send” or “Share” button to complete the sharing process

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After checking your Family and Friends List and making sure that everyone’s name appears on the list, it’s important to click “Update” beside each person’s name and ensure that “All My Plans” is selected. It’s also advisable to request that your Family and Friends do the same from their own My Disney Experience accounts.

Why Can’t I See My Friends Plans on My Disney Experience?

If you’re unable to see your friends plans on My Disney Experience, there may be a few reasons for this. Firstly, it’s important to check your Family and Friends List in My Disney Experience to ensure that all the names of your friends are listed there. Each person should also click on the “Update” button beside their name and make sure that “All My Plans” is selected. It’s crucial that you request your family and friends to do the same from their respective accounts.

Additionally, it’s essential to ensure that you and your friends have given the necessary permission for shared plans. My Disney Experience requires both parties to grant permission for plans to be shared between accounts.

In some cases, technological glitches or server issues may also affect the visibility of plans. It’s recommended to refresh the page or try accessing the My Disney Experience site at a different time to see if the problem persists.

If none of the above steps resolve the issue, it’s advisable to contact Disneys guest services for further assistance. They’ll be able to look into the specific problem and provide a solution tailored to your situation. Remember, the My Disney Experience platform is designed to enhance your Disney vacation planning, and they strive to ensure that you’ve the best possible experience.

How to Add Friends to Your Family and Friends List on My Disney Experience

To add friends to your Family and Friends List on My Disney Experience, you can follow these simple steps. First, open the My Disney Experience app on your device. Next, log in to your account or create a new one if you don’t have one already. Once you’re logged in, go to the “Family & Friends” section of the app. From there, click on the option to “Add a Guest” or “Invite a Guest.” Enter the necessary information such as the person’s name and email address, and choose whether they’re a child or adult. After entering this information, click on the “Send Invitation” button. The person you invited will receive an email with instructions on how to accept your invitation and connect with you on My Disney Experience. Once they accept, they’ll be added to your Family and Friends List, and you can easily plan and share your Disney experiences together. It’s as simple as that!

To link your husband’s Disney account to yours, follow these simple steps. In your My Disney Experience account, locate the person you want to connect by selecting “update” next to their name. By doing so, you’ll be able to seamlessly integrate their account with yours and ensure a smooth experience for your upcoming trip reservation.

How Do I Link My Husband’s Disney Account to Mine?

To seamlessly merge your husbands Disney account with yours, follow these simple steps. Start by navigating to the “My Disney Experience” website or app and locate the tab that says “My Family & Friends.”. Once there, youll find a list of people currently connected to your account and reservations.

Scan the list for your husbands name and click on the “update” button situated on the far right side of his name. A menu will pop up, providing several options for updating his account information. Look for the “Connect to My Disney Experience Account” option and select it.

At this point, you may need to input your husbands account details, such as his username or email address, and answer a few security questions to verify his identity. Be sure to double-check that all the information you enter is accurate to avoid any unnecessary complications during the merging process.

After a short processing time, you should see his name appear on your list of connected friends and family.

Youll have easy access to all the features and benefits, including making dining reservations, selecting FastPasses, and sharing photo memories captured during your trip.

Remember, if you encounter any issues or have further questions along the way, you can always reach out to Disneys customer support team for assistance. They’re there to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for you and your husband as you embark on your Disney adventures as a unified entity.

When it comes to linking Disney reservations to multiple accounts, it’s important to note that tickets can only be linked once in the My Disney Experience platform. This is outlined in the FAQs on the official Walt Disney World website under the section “What’s My Disney Experience.” The article further explains that the error message you encounter when attempting to link the same ticket to multiple accounts is due to this restriction. To conveniently coordinate plans and activities with your friends, it’s recommended to connect with them as Family & Friends in the My Disney Experience section.

Can You Link Disney Reservation to Multiple Accounts?

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to link Disney reservations to multiple accounts. Tickets can only be linked once in My Disney Experience. My Disney Experience is a feature on the Disney World website that allows guests to manage their reservations, tickets, and daily itineraries. By signing into your Disney account, you can access the My Plans page to view and modify your plans. However, when attempting to link the same ticket to multiple accounts, an error message will be displayed.

To connect with your friends and make plans together, it’s important to add them as Family & Friends in My Disney Experience. This feature allows you to link multiple accounts under one group. By doing so, you can easily coordinate your plans and share information with everyone in your party. However, keep in mind that each individual ticket can only be linked to a single account.

With this tool, you can manage all aspects of your vacation, from booking reservations to creating personalized itineraries. By utilizing the features available, you can ensure a seamless and enjoyable trip to the magical world of Disney.

By adding your family and friends as Family & Friends in the system, you can easily coordinate your plans and stay connected throughout your trip. Take advantage of this valuable tool to make the most of your Disney experience and create magical memories that will last a lifetime.

How to Resolve Error Messages When Trying to Link the Same Ticket to Multiple Accounts

  • Check if the ticket is already linked to any other account
  • If yes, unlink the ticket from the current account
  • Ensure that the ticket isn’t already linked to multiple accounts
  • If the ticket isn’t linked to any account, proceed with linking it
  • If the error persists, contact customer support for further assistance
  • Provide the error message details and steps taken so far for faster resolution
  • Follow any instructions or recommendations given by the customer support team
  • Test the ticket linking process after implementing the suggested solutions
  • If the issue is resolved, confirm successful linking of the ticket to the desired account
  • Keep a record of the error message and the steps taken to help troubleshoot similar issues in the future


By selecting the option to invite them to connect, you can send an email request for them to join. This allows you to effortlessly stay connected and coordinate your Disney adventures with loved ones, enhancing the magical experience for everyone involved.

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