How Many Cruises to Get Gold on Carnival?

Embarking on a cruise journey is undoubtedly an exciting prospect, inviting adventure, relaxation, and boundless exploration. Among the many thrilling elements that enhance the experience, the prestigious tiers and rewards offered by cruise lines often captivate passengers. For those eager to ascertain how long it takes to attain Gold status on Carnival Cruises, the answer lies within the realm of possibilities, with just one magnificent cruise required to enter the esteemed Red tier. However, for those who consistently opt for rejuvenating seven-night sailings, the Golden realm can be achieved after savoring the blissful delights of three memorable cruises. As the anticipation for embarking on this incredible voyage reaches peak levels, navigating the waters of Carnival's loyalty program unveils a world brimming with delightful surprises, unrivaled experiences, and esteemed distinctions, ensuring that every moment spent is nothing short of extraordinary.

How Many Cruises to Get to Platinum on Carnival?

One of the most desirable milestones for frequent cruisers on Carnival is achieving Platinum status. This status comes with a range of enhanced benefits and perks, including priority check-in, dedicated guest services, and complimentary laundry services. With a bit of strategic planning and dedication, obtaining Platinum status is quite attainable.

Considering that most Carnival cruises last between 3 and 7 nights, the fastest route to achieve Platinum status is by embarking on 11 voyages. Out of these, 10 should be week-long cruises, with the final one being at least 5 nights. By adhering to this approach, you’ll optimize your progress towards the coveted Platinum level.

The key to accelerating your progress lies in consistency and planning. By scheduling back-to-back seven-night cruises, you’ll maximize the number of nights counted towards your Platinum tier. Additionally, keeping an eye on special promotions and discounted itineraries can enable you to experience more cruises within a shorter timeframe.

Once you reach Platinum status, a new world of benefits will open before you. Alongside the perks mentioned earlier, you’ll enjoy priority embarkation and debarkation, coveted seating at comedy shows and theaters, as well as a commemorative pin and luggage tags. As a Platinum member, youll also be treated to a complimentary beverage at the casino and a free beauty treatment at the spa.

The membership levels for cruise loyalty programs are determined by the number of eligible cruises completed. To reach the Silver level, only one cruise is required. Graduating to Gold requires completion of five cruises. And finally, to attain the prestigious Platinum status, ten cruises must be completed.

How Many Cruises Do You Have to Go on to Get a Platinum Card?

One of the most enticing perks of going on a cruise vacation is the opportunity to gain membership levels and unlock exclusive benefits. Cruise lines have established membership tiers that reward loyal travelers based on the number of completed eligible cruises. Achieving different membership levels comes with it’s own set of privileges and advantages. These levels are typically categorized as Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

To attain the Silver membership tier, one needs to complete just a single eligible cruise. This means that even if you embark on just one unforgettable voyage, you can already start enjoying the benefits that come with being a recognized member. Silver membership is the initial step into the world of cruising perks, opening doors to a range of advantages that enhance the overall experience.

After completing five eligible cruises, travelers are entitled to the coveted Gold membership. This level signifies a greater commitment to cruising, offering enhanced privileges. With Gold membership, passengers can expect to enjoy additional perks such as priority embarkation and disembarkation, exclusive access to certain venues, and even invitations to special events.

The highest membership tier, Platinum, is reached after completing an impressive 10 eligible cruises. Achieving this level represents a true dedication and love for cruising. Platinum members are greatly rewarded with an array of exclusive benefits like access to reserved seating at shows, complimentary specialty dining experiences, and priority access to shore excursions. These advantages, in addition to others, make Platinum membership a highly sought-after recognition among avid cruisers.

Benefits and Perks of Each Membership Tier (Silver, Gold, Platinum)

When it comes to membership tiers like Silver, Gold, and Platinum, there are various benefits and perks associated with each level. These tiers are designed to provide different levels of privileges and experiences for members.

At the Silver level, members can expect certain advantages, such as access to basic amenities and discounts on select products or services. While the benefits may be more entry-level, they still offer value and can be a good starting point for individuals who’re new to the membership program.

Moving up to the Gold tier brings additional benefits, including enhanced amenities, priority service, and exclusive access to certain events or venues. Gold members often enjoy perks like faster check-ins, upgraded accommodations, or special discounts on premium offerings. These privileges provide a greater level of comfort and satisfaction to members.

Finally, the Platinum tier offers the highest level of privileges and perks within the membership program. Platinum members typically enjoy personalized service, exclusive experiences, and elite benefits. This may include access to luxurious amenities, dedicated concierge services, complimentary upgrades, and VIP treatment throughout their membership journey.

By offering different membership tiers, organizations can cater to the diverse needs and preferences of their members. From basic benefits to luxury perks, these tiers ensure that members receive a suitable level of rewards and recognition based on their commitment and loyalty.

Now let’s take a closer look at the value of Carnival Fun Points and how they can be redeemed for various rewards.

What Is the Value of Carnival Fun Points?

Carnival Fun Points are a valuable currency for Carnival Cruise Line enthusiasts, offering a myriad of ways to maximize their benefits. One of the primary redemption options is to use FunPoints for a statement credit on Carnival purchases. Here, each point is valued at 1.5 cents, allowing cardholders to save significantly on their next cruise or related expenses. This redemption option is highly flexible, as it can be utilized for purchases ranging from $50 to $1,499.99.

Furthermore, Carnival Mastercard holders can take advantage of exclusive redemption opportunities, such as the Worlds Leading Cruise Line VIP access experiences. These unique experiences provide cardholders with unforgettable moments, ranging from behind-the-scenes tours to exclusive events. The value of FunPoints for these exclusive experiences may vary, but cardholders can rest assured that they’ll enjoy an elevated level of luxury and indulgence.

Other Redemption Options for Carnival Fun Points

Carnival Fun Points, the loyalty program of Carnival Cruise Line, offers various redemption options beyond traditional cruise rewards. These alternative options allow members to utilize their points in exciting ways such as booking onboard experiences, purchasing merchandise, or even gifting Fun Points to others. These diverse redemption choices add value and flexibility to the program, ensuring that members can make the most of their accumulated rewards.

Source: Carnival World Mastercard Review – Investopedia

Moving on to step 2 in the journey towards achieving Diamond level on a Carnival cruise, the next milestone to reach is the Red 2nd sailing, which will earn you a total of 24 points. This marks a significant progress in your membership status, placing you closer to the prestigious Diamond level.

How Do You Get Diamond Level on Carnival Cruise?

Achieving Diamond level on a Carnival cruise requires accumulating a minimum of 200 points through the cruise lines loyalty program. To begin this journey, the first step is to embark on a Blue level sailing. This is the initial stage where guests can earn their initial cruise points, laying the foundation for future advancements. As the second step, guests can then proceed to take part in a Red level sailing, which grants them 24 points towards their overall count.

Bootstrapping from the Red level, guests progress to the Gold level, attainable by accumulating 25 to 74 points. This milestone enables passengers to access a range of exclusive perks, including priority check-in, special offers, and complimentary beverages during the Captains cocktail party. Such recognition and benefits make the Gold level a significant step along the path towards achieving Diamond status.

Continuing the journey, Carnival cruisers strive for the Platinum level, which necessitates gathering anywhere between 75 and 199 points. Reaching Platinum status grants passengers a wealth of privileges, such as priority debarkation, complimentary room upgrades upon availability, and access to the exclusive Platinum and Diamond events. The extra advantages and recognition experienced by Platinum members take them closer to their ultimate goal of Diamond status.

Diamonds are lavished with remarkable benefits, including priority boarding, free laundry service, and the coveted Chefs Table experience. Additionally, Diamond members enjoy an enhanced level of recognition, with special invitations to exclusive parties, priority access to onboard services, and even a complimentary cabin upgrade based on availability.

Earning Diamond status on a Carnival cruise is a testament to a guests dedication and loyalty to the cruise line. Guests progress through distinct levels, each offering a new set of incentives and perks, ultimately culminating in the highest honor of Diamond status. As passengers accumulate points, they revel in an unparalleled level of recognition and benefits, solidifying their place as esteemed members of the Carnival family.

How to Earn Points on Carnival Cruises Without Actually Setting Sail (e.g. Through Partner Programs, Credit Card Spending, Etc.)

  • Join the Carnival Cruise Line partner programs
  • Sign up for a Carnival Cruise Line credit card
  • Make purchases using the Carnival Cruise Line credit card
  • Refer friends and family to book Carnival cruises
  • Participate in Carnival Cruise Line promotions and contests
  • Book Carnival shore excursions or onboard activities in advance
  • Take advantage of Carnival Cruise Line loyalty programs
  • Attend Carnival Cruise Line events and activities in your area
  • Book Carnival Cruise Line gift cards for future cruises
  • Explore Carnival Cruise Line’s onboard shops and make purchases

Platinum is a highly sought-after status in the VIFP Club, the loyalty program of Carnival Corporation & plc. At this level, loyal members can enjoy a range of exclusive privileges, such as priority check-in and boarding, priority spa reservations, and priority water shuttle boarding. This level of membership truly rewards Carnival cruisers for their dedication and loyalty.

What Does Platinum Mean on Carnival Cruise?

Priority dining reservations. Priority tendering (when the ship anchors and uses smaller boats to transport passengers to shore). These benefits are designed to enhance the overall cruise experience and provide a higher level of convenience and personalization for Platinum members.

In addition to priority access, Platinum members also receive other exclusive perks. These may include a dedicated phone line to the VIFP Club concierge for assistance with any pre-cruise or onboard needs. Platinum members may also receive special invitations to events, parties, and receptions that aren’t available to other passengers. These exclusive events often feature live entertainment, complimentary drinks, and interaction with the ships officers and crew.

Platinum members may also receive complimentary gifts in their stateroom, such as branded merchandise or a bottle of champagne. These small gestures of appreciation further enhance the sense of being a valued and loyal member of the Carnival family. Additionally, Platinum members may be entitled to discounts on shore excursions, spa treatments, specialty dining, and other onboard activities.

Perhaps one of the most coveted perks of Platinum status is the complimentary upgrades, when available. This allows Platinum members to enjoy a higher category of stateroom without paying the premium price. Upgrades are typically based on availability and aren’t guaranteed, but many Platinum members have shared stories of being pleasantly surprised with a more luxurious accommodation.

Overall, achieving Platinum status in Carnivals VIFP Club signifies a significant level of loyalty and dedication to the cruise line. It’s a mark of distinction and grants access to a range of exclusive benefits and experiences. From priority access and dedicated assistance to complimentary gifts and possible upgrades, Platinum members can expect to enjoy an elevated cruising experience with Carnival.


This remarkable feat demonstrates not only the allure and efficiency of Carnival's exceptional cruise experiences, but also the commitment and dedication of passengers seeking to unlock the wide range of exclusive benefits and privileges that come with reaching the illustrious Gold tier. Whether you're a frequent cruiser or a first-time adventurer, Carnival's tier progression offers an enticing incentive to embark on remarkable voyages, creating unforgettable memories along the way.

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