How Long Has TickPick Been Around? A Brief History

TickPick has been a prominent player in the online marketplace for event tickets since it’s establishment in 2011. With a distinct twist, TickPick allows users to bid on tickets, bringing an element of excitement and interactive engagement to the process.

Is TickPick a RazorGator?

TickPick, a leading online ticket marketplace, made a significant move on May 1, 2018, by acquiring one of it’s main competitors, RazorGator. The specifics of the acquisition, such as the financial details, haven’t been disclosed to the public. This strategic decision undoubtedly had profound implications for the ticketing industry and the position of TickPick within it.

While the exact reasons behind this acquisition haven’t been disclosed, it can be inferred that TickPick saw tremendous value in consolidating resources and expertise. The move also reflected the companys commitment to providing a seamless and user-friendly experience to it’s customers, as it sought to combine the best practices and technologies of both platforms.

The Potential Benefits and Challenges of TickPick Acquiring RazorGator

TickPick acquiring RazorGator has the potential to bring numerous advantages, but it also presents certain challenges. The benefits include expanding TickPick’s customer base, gaining access to RazorGator’s ticket inventory, and increasing market presence. However, challenges may arise in terms of integrating two different systems, managing customer expectations during the transition, and ensuring a seamless experience for both TickPick and RazorGator users. Overall, the acquisition holds promising opportunities but necessitates careful planning and execution to overcome potential obstacles.

TickPick is owned by Brett Goldberg, who’s also the Co-CEO and Co-Founder of the company.

Who Is TickPick Owned By?

He launched the company in 2011 with his brother-in-law, Chris OBrien, who serves as the other Co-CEO. As the Co-Founder of TickPick, Brett Goldberg has played an integral role in the companys growth and success.

Under his leadership, TickPick has become one of the most trusted and popular ticket marketplaces in the industry. The platform prides itself on providing fans with an affordable and transparent ticket buying experience, without hidden fees or inflated prices.

TickPick has revolutionized the secondary ticket market by introducing a no-fee model and creating a fair and transparent ticket buying process.

Prior to starting TickPick, he co-founded Rukkus, another ticket resale marketplace. His extensive experience in the ticketing industry has made him a trusted and respected figure in the space.

As the Co-CEO and Co-Founder, he continues to drive the companys growth and expansion, ensuring that TickPick remains the go-to platform for fans looking to buy and sell tickets.

Source: TickPick

When it comes to purchasing tickets online, the question of safety often arises. However, TickPick offers a reassurance that puts any worries to rest. Their BuyerTrust Guarantee ensures that all purchases are protected, giving customers peace of mind. With a solid reputation since it’s establishment in 2011 and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, TickPick has earned the trust of customers nationwide. So, rest assured, buying tickets on TickPick isn’t only safe but also reliable.

Is It Safe to Buy Tickets on TickPick?

When it comes to buying tickets, safety and security are always top concerns. So, is it safe to buy tickets on TickPick? Absolutely! TickPick provides a BuyerTrust Guarantee to ensure that all purchases made on their platform are protected. This guarantee ensures that your purchase is secure, protected, and that you’ll receive your tickets on time.

Furthermore, TickPick is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), an organization that evaluates and monitors the trustworthiness and ethical practices of businesses. This accreditation further validates the safety of buying tickets on TickPick, as it ensures that the company meets the BBBs high standards for customer service and transparency.

So, rest assured and enjoy buying tickets for your favorite events worry-free on TickPick.

How TickPick’s BuyerTrust Guarantee Works and What It Covers

TickPick’s BuyerTrust Guarantee is a customer protection policy that ensures a secure and reliable ticket purchasing experience. It covers any issues that may arise with the tickets bought through TickPick’s platform. If a ticket is invalid, not delivered on time, or not as described, TickPick will take full responsibility. They’ll either replace the ticket or provide a full refund, ensuring that customers are protected from fraudulent or unreliable sellers. The BuyerTrust Guarantee offers peace of mind to buyers, allowing them to confidently purchase tickets without worrying about potential risks.


With it’s headquarters in New York, this platform revolutionized the way users can access tickets by implementing a bidding system. TickPick's existence over the years has brought convenience and transparency to ticket purchasing, ensuring fair pricing and a competitive market. As the company continues to thrive and cater to the evolving needs of ticket buyers, it remains a reliable and trusted platform in the ticketing industry.

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