Exploring Suburban Park at the New York State Fair

Tucked away within the expansive grounds of the renowned New York State Fair lies a hidden gem known as the Suburban Park Stage. Nestled on the western end of the fairgrounds, far beyond the bustling Midway, this enchanting stage, formerly known as the Experience Stage at Chevy Park, stands as a beacon of entertainment and artistic brilliance. With a reputation for hosting unforgettable concerts and showcasing a diverse range of musical talents, the Suburban Park Stage is poised to captivate and inspire visitors during the highly anticipated 2023 Fair. As the sun sets and the melodies fill the air, this stage will come alive, resonating with the energy of passionate performances and the collective joy of the audience. From iconic headliners to rising stars, the lineup promises to deliver an unforgettable experience, with at least one major concert scheduled each day. So whether you're a music enthusiast seeking a majestic sonic journey or simply a fairgoer yearning for a captivating escape, make your way to the Suburban Park Stage, where entertainment takes center stage, and memories are etched in the hearts of all who bear witness.

Is the Handicap Parking Free at the New York State Fair?

Fairgoers driving to the New York State Fair who possess authorized people with disabilities parking tags or license plates have the opportunity to utilize the designated handicap parking lots. These specially allocated parking lots are conveniently situated on paved grounds, making them easily accessible for individuals with disabilities. However, it’s essential to note that the parking areas do come with a fee of $10.00 per day.

To ensure that fairgoers with disabilities can attend the fair comfortably, the State Fair provides these dedicated parking spaces. By offering easy access to the fairgrounds, these accessible lots aim to accommodate those with mobility challenges, enabling them to navigate the fairgrounds without any difficulties. Fair officials have taken into account the specific needs of individuals with disabilities by designating and maintaining these accessible parking areas.

These tags or plates must be valid and clearly displayed to confirm the legitimacy of the parking permit.

The $10.00 fee per day for parking in the designated handicap parking lots is designed to help with the fairs operational costs and maintenance. It also ensures that the accessible parking areas are well-maintained and adequately staffed. These measures aim to enhance the fairgoing experience for individuals with disabilities, allowing them to enjoy the festivities without worrying about parking availability or accessibility concerns.

The fairs commitment to inclusivity is showcased by the presence of these dedicated parking areas, which contribute to a positive and stress-free experience for individuals with disabilities attending the event.

Accessibility Features Throughout the New York State Fairgrounds for Individuals With Disabilities.

The New York State Fairgrounds have implemented various accessibility features to cater to the needs of individuals with disabilities. These features include wheelchair ramps, accessible restrooms, and designated parking spaces close to entrance gates. Additionally, the fairgrounds have implemented tactile paving to assist individuals with visual impairments in navigating the premises safely. The fairgrounds also provide interpreters for visitors who’re deaf or hard of hearing. These accessibility measures ensure that everyone can fully enjoy their experience at the New York State Fairgrounds, regardless of their disability.

In addition to the exciting rides, delicious food, and live performances, the NYS Fair offers a vibrant showcase of youth and open animal shows. This is a fantastic opportunity for young exhibitors to display their project animals, including goats, dairy cows, and poultry. These shows not only highlight the hard work and dedication put into raising these animals but also allow participants to demonstrate their showmanship skills to the enthusiastic fairgoers.

Are There Animals at the NYS Fair?

The Great New York State Fair, held annually in Syracuse, isn’t just a celebration of food, music, and amusement rides. It’s also home to a wide variety of animals that captivate the attention of fairgoers of all ages. The fairgrounds are transformed into a haven for animals, with plenty of exhibits, shows, and competitions that showcase the talents and beauty of these creatures.

One of the highlights of the fair is the youth and open animal shows. Here, young enthusiasts have the opportunity to exhibit their project animals and demonstrate their showmanship skills. From adorable goats to majestic dairy cows, the fair provides a platform for these young individuals to showcase their hard work and passion.

These animal shows aren’t just limited to goats and cows, as poultry also takes center stage. Colorful chickens, elegant ducks, and striking turkeys grace the fairgrounds with their presence. Visitors can marvel at the diverse array of breeds and learn about the care and maintenance of these feathered friends.

In addition to the captivating animal shows, the fair also hosts a variety of exhibits that highlight the importance of animals in our lives. From interactive educational displays to informational booths, fairgoers can gain knowledge about animal welfare, conservation, and responsible pet ownership.

Moreover, the NYS Fair also offers a unique opportunity for visitors to engage with animals firsthand. Petting zoos provide a chance for children and adults alike to interact with friendly animals such as rabbits, sheep, and llamas. These hands-on experiences create lasting memories and foster a sense of appreciation and compassion towards animals.

From the youth animal shows to the educational exhibits and petting zoos, there’s no shortage of opportunities for fairgoers to connect with and learn about the incredible creatures that share our world.

Animal Competitions and Awards at the NYS Fair

  • Best in Show
  • Livestock Judging Contest
  • Canine Agility Competition
  • Horse Jumping Championship
  • Traditional Livestock Costume Parade
  • Poultry Showmanship Display
  • Rabbit Hopping Contest
  • Dog Obedience Trial
  • Cat Agility Challenge
  • Herding Dog Trials
  • Equine Barrel Racing Tournament
  • Exotic Bird Singing Contest
  • Sheep Shearing Competition
  • Goat Milking Challenge
  • Swine Fitting and Showing
  • Alpaca Fiber Spinning Contest
  • Duck Calling Championship
  • Cow Milking Race
  • Angora Rabbit Fiber Spinning Contest
  • Sheepdog Trials

There are two designated handicap parking areas for visitors attending the New York State Fair. The first one is the Pink Accessible Parking Lot, conveniently situated across from Gate 3 off State Fair Boulevard. Another option is the Gray Accessible Parking Lot, found on the west end of the fairgrounds off State Fair Boulevard. Access to this lot can be obtained through gate 6.

Where Is Handicap Parking at the New York State Fair?

Handicap parking at the New York State Fair is conveniently available in two designated areas for the ease and accessibility of individuals with disabilities. The first area is the Pink Accessible Parking Lot, which is situated across from Gate 3 off State Fair Boulevard. This prime location ensures that individuals with disabilities can easily reach the fairgrounds without any hindrances or long walks.

Furthermore, the second accessible parking area is known as the Gray Accessible Parking Lot, located on the west end of the fairgrounds, also off State Fair Boulevard. This specific parking lot offers an alternative option for those attending the New York State Fair, ensuring they can park near the fairgrounds and avoid unnecessary physical exertion or stress.

To access the Gray Accessible Parking Lot, individuals are required to enter through Gate 6, allowing them direct access to the designated area. This gate serves as a convenient entry point to the fairgrounds, offering individuals with disabilities an accessible and hassle-free experience.

Both the Pink and Gray Accessible Parking Lots at the New York State Fair highlight the fairs commitment to providing equal access and accommodations for attendees. By strategically placing these designated parking lots near major entrances, the fairgoers overall experience is enhanced, enabling them to fully enjoy all the festivities without any unnecessary physical obstacles or inconvenience.

The fairs commitment to accessibility reflects their dedication to inclusivity and ensures that everyone can partake in the vibrant atmosphere and attractions the New York State Fair has to offer.

Accommodations for Service Animals at the New York State Fair: What Accommodations Are in Place for Individuals Who Rely on Service Animals? Are There Designated Relief Areas or Other Accommodations for Service Animals?

  • Accommodations for Service Animals at the New York State Fair:
  • What accommodations are in place for individuals who rely on service animals?
  • Are there designated relief areas or other accommodations for service animals?

When attending the New York State Fair, it’s important to note that pets aren’t allowed on the Fairgrounds, except for service animals. Additionally, visitors are required to wear shirts and footwear at all times. Moreover, it’s expected that all visitors and vendors engage in conduct that promotes the free flow and movement of other attendees.

Can You Bring Dogs to the New York State Fair?

Pets, excluding Service Animals, aren’t allowed on the Fairgrounds at the New York State Fair. This policy is put in place to prioritize the safety and comfort of all attendees. While we understand that dogs are beloved members of many families, it’s important to note that the fairgrounds can be a crowded and busy environment, which may not be suitable for pets.

The Fairgrounds strive to ensure a positive experience for all visitors, and therefore visitors are required to wear shirts and footwear at all times. By adhering to these guidelines, visitors contribute to the overall flow and atmosphere of the fair.

To ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone, all visitors and vendors are expected to refrain from engaging in conduct that impedes or obstructs the free flow and movement of other visitors. This policy is in place to prevent any unnecessary disruptions or inconveniences that may negatively impact the fair experience for others. By following this rule, visitors can help create a welcoming and harmonious environment for all.

We understand that rules and regulations can sometimes be inconvenient, but they’re implemented with the best intentions in mind. The New York State Fair aims to provide a safe, enjoyable, and inclusive experience for all attendees.

Visitors are required to wear shirts and footwear, and engaging in conduct that impedes or obstructs the free flow and movement of other visitors is prohibited. These guidelines are put in place to prioritize safety, cleanliness, and the overall enjoyment of the fair for all attendees. Your cooperation in following these rules is greatly appreciated.

Alternatives to Bringing Pets to the Fair, Such as Leaving Them in the Care of a Trusted Pet Sitter or Boarding Facility

  • Leaving your pets in the care of a trusted pet sitter.
  • Using a professional boarding facility.
  • Arranging for a responsible family member or friend to care for them.
  • Exploring the option of a reliable pet daycare center.
  • Researching local pet-friendly hotels or accommodations.
  • Considering hiring a house and pet-sitting service.
  • Investigating pet transportation services to and from the fair.
  • Looking into pet-friendly attractions near the fair to keep them entertained.
  • Utilizing virtual pet-sitting services through live streaming and check-ins.
  • Explaining your situation to the fair organizers to see if they offer any alternatives or suggestions.


In a prime location situated amidst the vibrant atmosphere of the New York State Fair, lies the Suburban Park Stage, a hub of electrifying performances and breathtaking entertainment. Positioned at the western end of the Fairgrounds, just beyond the bustling Midway, this stage offers a haven for music enthusiasts and concert-goers alike. With it’s noteworthy history as the Experience Stage at Chevy Park, it now promises an unforgettable experience with a multitude of sensational concerts lined up for the 2023 Fair. As the sun sets and the crowds gather, the Suburban Park Stage will come alive, enveloping the air with melodic harmonies, rhythmic beats, and infectious energy. Prepare to be captivated as a symphony of talents graces the stage each day, showcasing the diversity and prowess of renowned artists from various genres.

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