Do You Have to Return Scripts to Concord Theatricals?

Upon the conclusion of your production, it’s essential to adhere to the guidelines set forth by Concord Theatricals regarding the return of scripts and other materials. It’s crucial to promptly return all materials to Samuel French, Inc., c/o Midwest Fiber, located at 422 South White Oak Road, Normal, IL 61761. It’s of utmost importance that the return is made within thirty (30) days following your final performance date. Failure to meet this deadline may result in the denial of your deposit refund and the forfeiture of any potential refund. Therefore, it’s imperative to comply with these instructions to ensure a seamless and efficient process for all parties involved.

What Does Concord Theatricals Do?

Concord Theatricals is a unique firm that offers a wide range of services to creators and producers of plays and musicals. They’re the only company in the industry that provides truly comprehensive services, covering all aspects of theatrical production.

Another important aspect of Concord Theatricals work is script publishing. They assist playwrights in getting their work published, making it available to theaters, schools, and individuals who’re looking for quality scripts to produce or study.

Furthermore, Concord Theatricals is involved in cast recording. They collaborate with production companies to capture and release the original cast recordings of their shows. By doing so, they preserve these performances for future generations to enjoy and help to promote the shows to a wider audience.

Their comprehensive services span from theatrical licensing and music publishing to script publishing, cast recording, and first-class production.

Theatrical Licensing: Go Into More Detail About How Concord Theatricals Helps Producers and Theaters Obtain Licenses for Productions.

Concord Theatricals offers comprehensive services to assist producers and theaters in acquiring licenses for theatrical productions. They provide invaluable support throughout the license application process by guiding applicants and ensuring compliance with legal requirements. Concord Theatricals understands the intricacies of the licensing process and offers personalized solutions tailored to the needs of individual productions. Their expertise allows them to navigate the complexities of intellectual property rights and negotiate favorable licensing arrangements. By partnering with Concord Theatricals, producers and theaters can confidently secure the necessary licenses to bring their productions to life.

Following the 2013 acquisition of the Concord Music Group by an investor group led by Wood Creek Capital Management and Sound Investors, LLC, the company expanded it’s horizons to include Concord Theatricals. With this strategic move, Concord Theatricals has strengthened it’s position as a leading licensing house for theatrical productions, nurturing and fostering the development of captivating shows and musicals.

Who Owns Concord Theatricals?

In 2013, a significant change in the ownership structure of Concord Theatricals took place when Concord Music Group was acquired by an investor group. This group was led by Wood Creek Capital Management and Sound Investors, LLC. The acquisition marked a pivotal moment for the company and set the stage for further growth and expansion.

Wood Creek Capital Management is a private investment firm with a focus on acquiring and managing a diverse range of assets. They bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, enabling them to make informed decisions and drive the success of the companies they invest in.

With this new ownership, the company is well-positioned for continued growth and success, expanding it’s catalog and reaching broader audiences in the exciting world of theater.

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If you’ve any further inquiries or concerns, you can always get in touch with Concord Theatricals. They can be contacted through their Help Site or by sending an email to [email protected]. They’ll be more than happy to assist you with any assistance you may need.

How Do I Contact Concord Theatricals?

Concord Theatricals, a leading theatrical licensing agency, can be easily contacted through multiple channels. If you’ve any inquiries or require assistance, there are a few options available to help you get in touch with them.

For example, you could explore their website for any other contact details that may be available. This could include phone numbers specific to your region or other relevant email addresses for specific departments.

Their dedicated team is ready to help and provide you with the support required to navigate the world of theatrical licensing.

A Breakdown of the Different Departments Within Concord Theatricals and Their Respective Contact Information, Such as Licensing, Customer Service, and Rights Inquiries.


By adhering to the guidelines set by Samuel French, Inc., and sending back all related items to the designated address in Normal, IL, not only do theater companies maintain the integrity of the system but also ensure the availability of these resources for future productions. Therefore, it’s crucial to prioritize the timely return of scripts to Concord Theatricals, contributing to the sustainability and smooth functioning of the theatrical community.

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