Can I Stream Prima Facie at Home?

"Prima Facie" is a compelling and thought-provoking play that delves into the complexities of sexual assault within the legal system. Written by acclaimed playwright Suzie Miller, this powerful production explores the harrowing journey of Tessa, a criminal lawyer fighting for justice and confronting gender bias in a relentless pursuit of truth. While the stage performance may have concluded, audiences can now embark on an immersive experience from the comfort of their homes. Thanks to the National Theatre at Home, a filmed version of "Prima Facie" is now accessible online, enabling viewers to witness the raw emotions, the gripping narrative, and the outstanding performances that brought this play to life. With options such as British Sign Language, Audio Description, and subtitles available in both English and Spanish, the inclusivity of this screening ensures that the impact of "Prima Facie" extends far and wide. It’s worth noting, however, that due to distribution restrictions, this captivating recording is available for global viewership, excluding the United States. Don't miss the opportunity to engage in this critically acclaimed theater production, as the available subscription allows access to the recorded performance until April 20, 2023, allowing ample time to immerse oneself in the poignant world of "Prima Facie."

Will Prima Facie Be Available to Stream?

Prima Facie, directed by Justin Martin (known for his work on The Jungle), has made waves in the theater scene. After it’s successful run in Londons West End in April 2022, playing to sold-out houses, it caught the attention of the prestigious National Theatre. Recognizing it’s impact and popularity, the National Theatre decided to capture the production on film before it’s final performance in June.

Now, the exciting news is that Prima Facie is available to stream online through the National Theatre at Home platform in most markets. This allows viewers all over the world to experience the power and brilliance of this thought-provoking play from the comfort of their own homes. It’s a fantastic opportunity for those who were unable to attend the original live performances to still engage with the production and explore it’s themes.

By making Prima Facie available to stream, the National Theatre has opened doors for a wider audience. It provides an inclusive and accessible way for individuals to access theater, breaking down barriers of distance and cost. This move demonstrates the National Theatres commitment to making quality theater available to as many people as possible, ensuring that important conversations and stories reach a broader audience.

Directed by Justin Martin, this play made a tremendous impact during it’s sold-out run in Londons West End. By capturing the production on film, the National Theatre has enabled a global audience to experience the power and relevance of Prima Facie. With it’s thought-provoking themes and impressive performances, this streaming opportunity allows for important conversations and connections to be made, reaching an even wider audience than before.


In conclusion, the option to stream "Prima Facie" at home provides a convenient and accessible way for audiences to enjoy this powerful production. With the availability of subtitles in multiple languages and additional accessibility features such as BSL and AD, the National Theatre at Home has ensured that the experience caters to a diverse range of viewers. While the exclusive availability of the filmed version worldwide, except for the USA, may be disappointing for some, it still offers an opportunity for audiences around the globe to engage with this thought-provoking and critically acclaimed show. With the show's availability until 20 April 2023, there’s ample time for interested viewers to subscribe and immerse themselves in the compelling narrative and exceptional performances of "Prima Facie."

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